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text image Heather's Old Skool Village

 Our Vision 

A Village for Special Needs Adults to Live, Work, and Play

 Our Mission 

Providing a safe and stimulating environment for individuals with disabilities to learn, grow and serve other people and establish local community connections.

 Our Beliefs 

  • Every individual has value.

  • Every individual has a right to as much independence as possible.

  • Every individual has a right to social interaction. 

What We Do

Heather's Old Skool Village provides a place for young adults to gather with peers for social interaction, to play games, to create art projects, to work in the community, and continue learning new skills and practicing developed skills. Our "students" range the spectrum from mostly independent to needing assistance with basic needs. We structure our activities to allow all students to participate to the extent they are able.

Our facility provides a home-style setting with plenty of space for everyone, including our students in wheelchairs. We have a dependable loving staff that cares for each student as if they are a cherished member of the family.

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