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The original structutre once serviced as a transmmitting station for WBAP, which started as a subsidiary of Carter Communications.  Built in 1928 at 60209 Graham Street, on Amon G. Carter's Shadty oaks Ranch at one of the hightest p[oints, the station was moved to another location in 1929, but the building remained.  A fraternal lodge met there in thwe alterfed original bullding prior to the purchase by Brenda Ornelas to create Heather's Old Skool Village.

It Takes a Village

In the one room school houses of long ago, students of varying ages and abilities all worked together to learn and grow.  The same is true at heathers' old Skool Village.  People with different types of skils are involved in making or programs a success; these include parents, teachers, tradesmen, local business owners, social workers, clergy and civic leaders.  It truly takes a village!  See our gallery journey below to complete the original schoolhouse.

View Build Out Gallery

Transforming the original building to Heather's Old Skool Village was no easy task.  See below to view our progress and completion of the original village.

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