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Ryan Finfrock is my grandson.  He started going to Heather's Old Skool four years ago. It has been such a wonderful place to go for him. Brenda has taken every penny to keep it going.  She is wonderful and all the ones that work with the young adults are wonderful. There is NO PLACE  IN FORT WORTH LIKE HEATHER'S OLD SKOOL. It has changed Ryan so much. GOD BLESS THEM ALL.

                                   - Carol  Woolard Pufall 

Great place for those who have aged out of school but need a place to go where they are loved and cared for during the day.                                    - Daniel Stiles

Amazing school for people with special needs! Activities and fellowship for all!

                                         - Jackie Spitzer

So I just have say I recently had the opportunity to visit the school! Wow what an amazing place! The students so friendly everyone looks so happy! I am so excited to be a part of the school! The new building is such a blessing !!              

                                                  - Sjonia Janisse

My son is very well taken care of and he is so happy to be there. The people there really care.                    

                                   - Cindy Davis Carpenter

Hi, I’m Chandler Coleman, 

I’ve been to lots of dayhabs for special needs adults, but I’ve never seen anything like Heather’s Old Skool Village! It’s a bright and happy place where folks like me are treated with dignity and love. We have lots of fun doing different things. I have lots of friends and my confidence is growing. I’ve even started to walk on my own again!  Best of all, Heather’s Old Skool Village puts big smiles on Mom and Dad’s faces.                                                                     

                                                                                                                                        - Chandler Coleman

This is such a wonderful family environment for these young adults. If you are searching for a school/day hab for your young adult with disabilities, look no further. The environment is comfortable, supportive, and most of all...loving. The staff has a true passion for their work.      

                                              - Ruscle Mussell

Wonderful people doing extraordinary work. Please support this wonderful cause.

                                                  - Randy Brown

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