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A Haven for Young Adults with Special Needs

Embark on a transformative journey at our nurturing facility tailored for young adults with disabilities, where every individual is empowered to master essential life skills and unlock their full potential. Through personalized programs and expert guidance, we provide a nurturing environment that fosters independence, confidence, and growth. From vocational training to social integration initiatives, our holistic approach ensures that each participant receives the support they need to thrive in all aspects of life. Join our community and discover a place where abilities shine brighter than limitations, and every achievement is celebrated. Welcome to a place where dreams take flight and futures are limitless.

David Wolf Memorial Golf Tournament

About Our Clients.

Who are our clients?

All clients served by HOSV exhibit intellectual disabilities. Individuals with intellectual disabilities typically experience challenges in two primary domains: intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior.  Unlike their typically developing peers, numerous young adults with intellectual disabilities lack the chance to secure employment, pursue higher education, and enjoy social activities after completing high school. Achieving these aspirations requires substantial, tailored support, yet caregivers frequently face constraints in terms of time and financial resources. Heather's Old Skool Village is dedicated to transforming these dreams into reality. We've established a community centered on recognizing abilities over disabilities.

Where To Find Us

6018 Graham Street

Lake Worth, TX  76135

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