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Heather's Old Skool Village


61 Million Adults in the United States live with a Disability 


HOSV founder, Brenda Ornelas, a long-time resident of Tarrant County, had a cousin named Rhonda Gail Coston who had Down Syndrome.  Knowing and loving Rhonda made Brenda became a special education teacher.  It was Heather and other children in her class that inspired Heather's Old Skool Village.  After graduation many former students asked to return to school because they missed having social interaction with friends, teachers and their community. 

All HOSV clients have some type of disability.  People with an intellectual disability have deficits in two main areas: intellectual,functional,and adaptive behavior.  Unlike their normally developing peers, after graduation from high school many young adults with an intellectual disability do not have the opportunity to acquire a job or go to college, cutting their time with friends and peers.They need a place to belong and make

their individual dreams a reality and often their caregivers do not have the time or money to allow these possibilities.  Our goal at Heather's Old Skool Village is to make these dreams come true!  We have created a community that focuses on ABILITIES, not disabilities.


26% of adults in the US have some form of disability that is 1 in 4 people

13.7% have challenges  with mobility (serious difficulty walking and/or climbing stairs)

10.8% have challenges  with cognition (serious difficulty concentrating, remembering or staying on task)

6.8% have challenges with independent living (difficulty doing errands alone)

5.9% have challenges with hearing (deafness or serious difficulty hearing)

4.6% have challenges with vision (blindness or serious difficulty seeing)

3.7% have challenges with self-care (difficulty bathing or self care)

Facts found:

Hours of Operation 8:00-4:30 pm M-F

Our students are all 18 years and older.  Their age range is from 18 to 75.  Most come to us out of high school others have been out sometime with not much to do.  

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